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Andrew Ford is a full-time professional multi-genre DJ based in Taipei. Andrew regularly performs at nightclubs and festivals across Taiwan and throughout Asia. He specializes in a variety of genres including EDM, House, Hip Hop, Top 40 Pop, and more. Andrew’s versatile and energetic sets have brought him to many international cities including Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Brisbane, and more.

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Andrew Ford got his start by working at the Satellite Records vinyl record stores in New York City and Boston. It is from this this work experience that he gained an appreciation for the the various genres dance music.
In Taiwan, he has DJed at many of Taipei’s clubs before getting a residency with the 18Group, which included Room18, a high-end nightclub known for international guest DJs and Barcode, one of Taipei’s longest running lounge bars.  Andrew was with the 18Group for over 10 years and worked his way to the position of Music Director. He was responsible for organizing numerous international acts at Room18 and Barcode. He has brought a number of renowned guests including Kaskade, Lil Jon, Layo & Bushwacka!, Roger Sanchez, Kura, Example, and many more.

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